Discipleship is Everything

We desire to be a place where members are characterized by the intentional and selfless giving of their time, talents, and treasures (Luke 14:25-35). We encourage members to develop and function in their area(s) of giftedness and provide opportunities for expressions through the arts. Each member, no matter the stage of his or her development has the opportunity to contribute and be discipled through the ministries listed below.

Guest Services Ministry

At Ekklesia Bible Fellowship, we strive to build authentic relationships. We believe that we cannot truly love God and do His work unless we sincerely love people (who are His expressed image). On this premise, the Guest Services Ministry was established. This ministry, with a membership of eight (8) (and is still growing) was given the responsibility to ensure that all members and all guests are welcomed alike. We make sure that our guests are followed up with a “thank you” letter or a telephone call because that is what families do; make sure that all are well. We make available, to all, information about the church, leaders, and events. One might ask why the name “Guest Services” and not an “Usher”? Simply put, at Ekklesia we do not see others as visitors but as our guests. Once they come through the gates, they become a part of us. We pride ourselves in making our members and our guests happy because Ekklesia is “A Place for you to Belong”.

WoW- Women of Worship

The woman, her worth and her worship are major foci of this ministry to women. Here, each woman is discipled into recognising in herself the woman that God has purposed for her to be and she is empowered to be just that. The programmes and supporting activities are designed to cater to the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being of the woman through engagement in deep biblical insights; practical solutions to life’s challenges and drawing from the support of other women of worship. The group currently meets on the first Saturday of every month at 4:30 p.m. There is there, amongst them, “A Place for You to Belong.”

MOI – Men of Integrity

Pronounced as the French word for “Me”, MOI is the acronym for men of integrity but acts also as a pun because it can also mean, “Me” in French. The emphasis on “Me” (self), encourages men to look within themselves and to dare to become their best selves. The hope of this fellowship group for men is that men are empowered as they understand their identity (i.e. their spiritual origin), their responsibility and their authority in the earth to change the course of nations. All of this takes place in a relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere, where men are free to share their struggles and triumphs and are able to receive pragmatic solutions to life’s everyday challenges. MOI meets the first Saturday of every month at 4:30 p.m.

YOW – Youth Operating in the Word

YOW is slang of the youth. But this group of young people demonstrate that faith matters and it is cool to live for God. They take the Word of God and apply it to their lived realities in a contemporary world. YOW uses fun and games as its way of building a bond among the youth but they also engage in frank discussions on pertinent social issues (giving their youthful insight); dealing with life’s challenges as a young Christian; and personal development, using biblical perspectives as a paradigm. YOW meets the first Saturday of every month from 4:30 - 6:30 pm

Performing Arts

The performing arts department falls directly under the worship department and helps to bring excellence and efficiency to all internal special ministry items; with measureable impact on the quality of the worship experience, development of giftedness of individuals and efficacy of ministry. This department at present, spans the disciplines of dance, sign language and drama.

Children’s Ministry

Catered to children from 2- 7 & 8-11, this department is staffed with loving and capable aunties and uncles who are able to communicate the principles of the Word of God through exciting games and activities, stories and play time, all in a caring and child friendly atmosphere. You no longer have to worry about settling your child in service, leave them with their aunties and uncles. The vision of this ministry is to empower children to be ready to contribute to the life of the church. At EBF, our children do belong!!!