Pastor Robert Barr

Pastor Robert Barr, a graduate of the Jamaica Theological Seminary where he read for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and a current Graduate student is Pastoral Care Pastor. He has been a Christian for 13 years and is trained as a Teacher Trainer in Evangelism Explosion. He is presently employed as Chaplain with the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). He is married to Geraldine Cobran-Barr and proudly declares that he is the father of one daughter, Abigail Barr. He enjoys playing football, travelling, conversing with people, having a good laugh and making people smile. Pastor Barr also serves within Ekklesia Bible Fellowship, giving leadership support to the sound engineering ministry, Evangelism Ministry and Bible study Ministry. In short, Robert is EBF’s all-rounder; putting his hand to whatever there is to be done.