Pastor, Barrington Hall, Jr

Affectionately called Barry, Pastor Barry, Barrington Hall is married to Maureen with one daughter, Sudianne. He lectures at the Jamaica Theological Seminary, Caribbean Graduate School of Theology and Trinity Bible College and Seminary of South Florida, and serves as senior pastor for Ekklesia Bible Fellowship (EBF). His areas of specialty are Biblical Studies, Theology, Pastoral Studies and leadership Development and Administration.

Pastor Barry is a PhD. (Candidate) Human Resource Management and Leadership Development at Trinity Theological Seminary (Newburg, IN) and is the holder of a Master of Theology Degree with emphasis in Pastoral Ministry and Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary (Dallas, TX) and Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Carver Bible College (Atlanta, GA).

Pastor ‘Barry’ brings to Ekklesia Bible Fellowship (EBF) his passion for people and building relationships and a high exegetical quotient, borne out of his deep appreciation for scripture and his desire to see lives transformed into empowered Disciples of Christ. His constant mantra is that EBF needs to become a place for people to belong by building authentic relationships, which Pastor, himself, models. His sense of humor and affable personality makes him very much loved and approachable by his students and the church membership.

As excellent expositor of scripture; a sought after seminar presenter and conference speaker across denominational barriers; and man respected among his peers and colleagues, Pastor Barry remains humble and pliable in the hands of God, being careful to acknowledge and remind others that all that he has and is, belong to God.